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IN THE WAITING ROOM – What to Do While You’re Waiting for God to Move

Why do we doubt God or question our ability to hear Him just because we haven’t seen Him show up with the solution yet? It is not time. The answer is on the way. Be patient and trust His timing. Don’t let the wait be wasted.While you are waiting, you have to prepare for what you prayed for.


“THEY GET ON MY NERVES.” When I hear someone say something like that, I think, “Well, then maybe you shouldn’t keep them so exposed.” There are people who aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy. If you have a short fuse, are easily offended, hold onto grudges, and are constantly feeling like somebody done done you wrong, there are ways to get a thicker skin and live a happier life.


Most of us have become slaves to our every impulse. See it. Want it. Get it. DELAYED GRATIFICATION is a sign of maturity. To deny yourself what you want right now in order to get what you want down the road takes willpower. Here’s the thing…it also BUILDS willpower. Are you able…are you willing…to deny your immediate desire for a greater payback later?

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